Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Travel Tuesday

Today Roark presents their newest segment, Travel Tuesday! The rising phenomenon has become a viral sensation on various media outlets.

The time has come to introduce a groundbreaking service that will be offered through the company's booking service. Through an exclusive membership, travelers are enabled to connect with the vacation of their dreams. What steps are necessary to acquire these exclusive benefits you might ask? Luckily, there are a multitude of available resources for researching #TravelTuesday.

Are you worried about what items to pack for your upcoming trip? 

Fear not, learn more via: The 2016 Essential Checklist of Packing for a Trip. You will find a comprehensive guide on what items to  bring with you on your next expedition, and what not to bring.

Not sure what activities to participate in?

Discover the hidden gems of traveling and vacationing across the globe with Roark's Best Things to Do While Vacationing.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Best Things To Do While Vacationing

Planning events ahead of time results in a more enjoyable experience

What are some reliable tips that aspiring adventurers should be aware of?

According a recent poll, the majority of vacation planners wait until the last minute to book reservations. This is not conducive to an efficient planning method. Hesitating to reserve a hotel room or flight can be detrimental to one's wallet. In order to ensure the most cost competitive price, the ideal lead time for almost any reservation or booking process is approximately six months. Plans made in advance will always result in a considerable discount when it comes to travel deals. For a comprehensive guide on how to pack for a trip, continue here.

What are some activities to engage in while at the airport waiting for a connecting flight?

  • Browse the gift shop for souvenirs for your loved ones
  • Order a pint of your favorite draft beverage
  • Take a walk around the terminal, sometimes observing how people interact with their environments can be an entertaining activity

Essential Packing Checklist For Travelers Of 2016

A checklist can provide an efficient way to keep track of what you need.
What are some essential components when it comes to packing for a vacation?

  • First off, you will to determine what climate you will be traveling to. Perhaps obtaining a weather forecast for your anticipated arrival dates would be helpful. With this information, you can get a general idea of what to bring. By utilizing the weather forecast, you will be able to determine what to include in your luggage. 
  • Second, you should attempt to seek out a guide or adviser who has expert knowledge about the location. Discovering more about the destination location will allow you to pack accordingly. For tropical climates such as the Caribbean or Polynesia, it is essential to bring a swim suit along with the necessary commodities which will protect you from the sun's harmful ultra-violet ray.

Top Summer Vacation Destinations

A favorite destination of many travelers
The summer season has dawned upon us once again. Countless families and individuals will be embarking on adventures which will take them across the globe and back. What are some of the most common destinations you might ask?

  • Caribbean Islands
  • French Polynesia
  • Australia
  • Hawaii
  • Cancun